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Security Statement

Security Statement

BuilderDepot respects your security concerns and takes your security seriously.

Prior to entering your shopping information, our system automatically places your World Wide Web browser into "Secure Mode". Your browser should indicate that you are entering a secure area during this time. While in this mode, any information that is submitted to or from our servers is scrambled or encrypted. This means that your personal data and credit card information is protected. If for any reason your secure session ends - for example, a power surge cuts off your connection, or your browser freezes - your transaction automatically terminates.

BuilderDepot recommends the use of a secure browser to access customer credit card and account information as well as in processing orders. Secure browsers employ Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to communicate with our stores servers. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is an industry-wide standard protocol designed by Netscape Communications Corporation to provide secure communications on the Internet.

Our security system was designed, from the ground up, to keep your account information private.

Our stores ensure protection throughout the registration and transaction process -- on your computer, during the transmission of information, and within BuilderDepot’s own computer systems, including encryption and firewalls.

We use encryption, which is the process used to convert plain text or other information into an unrecognizable pattern of data.

BuilderDepot has in place a firewall acting as a buffer between our internal networks and the Internet. This protects BuilderDepot’s internal network from intruders or hackers who might try to use the Internet to break into those systems

Once you have submitted your online order using your browser in secure mode, we do not store your credit card number in our database. We only use it to process the transaction, and then it is erased from our database.

Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, your bank cannot hold you liable for more than $50.00 of fraudulent charges to your credit card if you promptly report the unauthorized charges. If your bank does hold you liable for any of this $50.00, BuilderDepot will cover the entire liability for you, up to the full $50.00. We will only cover this liability if the unauthorized use of your credit card resulted through no fault of your own from purchases made at BuilderDepot while using the secure server.

We strive to make your transaction with BuilderDepot a secure one and will endeavor to utilize the most recently available security features and the latest technology available to online commerce retailers. We also offer the BuilderDepot Purchase Pledge. However, we cannot ensure the security of any information you transmit, so please do so at your own risk.


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